Kristin and Rich at The House of 7 Gables

Kristen and Rich remain two of our most wonderful and most delightfully young-at-heart couples that we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. This particularly fun couple teamed up with Hummingbird Bridal to plan their wedding at the House of Seven Gables – all the way from New Zealand! Through Skype meetings and emails, and the occasional in-person meetings, we planned a truly special wedding day that intimately celebrated the couple’s love and wonderful friends and family who surrounded them.

The delicious cake (multiple layers and flavors) was made by the incredibly talented Sweet Tooth Bakery, and I will say that the cake was one of the bride’s TOP priorities. To paraphrase, Kristen said: “Book me as many cake tasting appointments as is socially acceptable for a bride to undertake.” (Couldn’t possibly love this bride more!!) The clear winner was Sweet Tooth, and the adorable kangaroo cake toppers were a special touch that the bride and groom found at a little shop in NZ.

Guests were directed to their tables via old Polaroid photos of themselves with the bride or groom that had been mounted on a cork board. It was a fantastic trip down memory lane that sparked touching conversations throughout the night.

The fairy lights that decorated the tent were the perfect way to create a warm glow, under which guests could dance the night away. After dinner, some chose to stroll along the waterfront or to partake in the incredibly popular photobooth.

Catering was supplied by the immensely talented team at Creative Catering, and all of the beautiful photos below are credited to the talented Marlin Munoz Photography. Hair styling was courtesy of the crew at Fringe Salon in Salem, and Rouge Make-up Salon did a gorgeous job on an already-gorgeous bride.

The day was, in its entirety, a completely perfect day. We are so lucky to have the chance to work with such kind, funny and creative clients, and this bride and groom most perfectly exemplify the reason that we became wedding planners in the first place!