“On the day-of, everything was planned out so carefully and was so well attended-to by the Hummingbird Team that I didn't have to worry about a thing.”

Mandy - we cannot thank you enough for everything. There are no words we could say to you that would come close to expressing how thankful we are for everything you did and everything you dealt with to make our weekend so special. As I said to you the other day, you are truly one of a kind and we could not be more thrilled that you played such an instrumental role in our special weekend. You are amazing at your job, everyone absolutely RAVED about you and your work. You were a dream to work with. Thank you thank you thank you. We know there were certainly a few fires you had a put out throughout the planning and throughout the night but the way you managed it all, organized everyone and everything was flawless and second to none. You made it a day we will never ever forget - I will forever have the memories of the love, emotion, passion and family / friends of that night. Everyone at the brunch couldn’t stop talking about what a blast they had - the “one more song” chant at the 11th hour, although we were out of time, was hilarious and made me so happy that no one wanted the night to end. 

~ Meghan Duggan and Gillian Apps

We're so thankful for YOU!! Everyone said it was the best wedding they've ever attended. It's even more awesome that all of the vendors are in agreence, that's a lot of experience! It's so weird not having to plan for it anymore, I wish we could keep going! YOU are the most creative, understanding, unique, and fun person we could have possibly had, hands down our easiest and best decision. Thank you for everything you've done for us and all of the time spent making it the best day ever.

~ Charlotte and Ashley Buchanan

Thank you much Mandy. Everything was perfect and every single vendor exceeded our expectations. None of it would have been possible without your masterful orchestration. Truly well done and we are very happy with how our wedding day came together. Several of our guests called out the fact that this was the best wedding they've been to. Everyone had fun and our vision was elevated to a whole new level thanks to you.

~ Brooke Howat and Abhinav Nair

We just wanted to say we had THE BEST DAY ever Friday. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks to you and your team and the team of vendors we had pulled together - our wedding was everything we wanted it to be and more!

~ Brittany and Patrick Kennelly

First, let me start by saying I was vehemently against hiring a wedding planner when I starting the whole wedding planning process. I was terrified that he or she would try to "sell" me on vendors, ideas and themes that were not me and did not reflect the people that my husband and I are. Not to mention, I had convinced myself that a wedding planner's job was to put money into the hands of their preferred vendors. I have attended so many "cookie cutter" weddings that just seemed devoid of all sincerity and I was certain that a planner would take the reigns away from me, ensuring that my wedding day would not be "my own."

But alas, within a few months I found out that I was not super human. I was working full time, going to school part-time and trying to coordinate a 150-person wedding. My head was spinning and I had no clear vision. I knew what I liked but I could not, for the life of me, bring it together into one cohesive plan of action. I needed help.

Thank GOD for Mandy. I loved her aesthetic and her mindset. She was so down-to-earth, and she was very understanding when I told her about all of the weddings I didn't want ours to be like. She was honest, calm, and was chock full of whimsy & humor. I literally said the words "vineyard, periwinkle blue, rustic" and BAM, I had photos in my inbox and ideas from her that were frighteningly perfect. My ideas suddenly evolved into a cohesive look, something she called the "story." She pointed me towards helpful resources, showing me how to find/create personalized & intimate items for affordable prices, all while qualifying her ideas with "you HAVE to tell me if you don't like something," and it put me at ease time and time again.

"Vineyard, periwinkle blue, rustic" became a Rustic Vineyard Wedding at a gorgeous winery in upstate New York. She suggested long, family-style tables with burlap table runners, various sized votives, adorable jars filled with colorful wildflower bouquets, rustic wood table number holders, and wine cork place card holders. GENIUS! Her ideas were unique, creative, on-budget and so well executed.

On the day-of, everything was planned out so carefully and was so well attended-to by Mandy that I didn't have to worry about a thing. I could actually enjoy myself with no stress! For a crazy, stressed out, ninny like me, that is seriously saying something. I would say "I need this," and bam....it was taken care of. No need to follow-up, no need to track her down; she was in the background, but was also by my side at the same time. I must have hugged her 50 times that day.

Above everything else, Mandy listens. She understands a budget and NEVER ONCE made me feel like my “normal” budget was less important than a $500K budget. She takes such care and time to ensure that YOUR vision it attained, even if you're not quite sure what that vision is to begin with. She made our day so very, very, very special, personal and real. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!

~ Aria Montcrieff

Hiring Mandy was the BEST decision we could have made for our wedding. We were interested in having a venue that was not cookie-cutter and decided to go with a historic mansion. Making this decision, we knew that we would need to bring in all outside vendors and that we would need someone who is a powerhouse in coordinating people and working with vendors. After interviewing other planners, we knew immediately after meeting Mandy that she was the best choice. Other than being warm and becoming our immediate friend, she also knew the industry well and it was clear that she would go above and beyond to meet any and all of our needs.

Going through the planning process with Mandy kept our stress at the lowest levels possible for wedding planning. She spaced out our decision making so that we could enjoy each step but also made sure that we had plenty of wonderful vendor options inside our budget. For each vendor that we needed, Mandy asked what we wanted and then matched us with a few options that met our price and desires. This made our job very easy as all we needed to do was show up to the meetings she scheduled and enjoy getting to know different vendors. We were honestly so impressed by every vendor that she sent us to and in the end we were thrilled with all of our choices. We believe that this was the most valuable part of Mandy's help. It saved us tons of time of research and kept the focus on the enjoyable parts of wedding planning. No matter which vendors we ended up with, we trusted that Mandy sent great people our way and that they would do a great job on our wedding day.

On the day of, we had no responsibilities or concerns. Mandy had done such a great job of communicating and coordinating with us and our vendors so that there was no stress leading up to the day. It was very easy to disconnect from the planning and focus on the day knowing that she was behind the logistics. We can't thank Mandy enough for everything she has done for us!

~ Kelly and Justin Lukoff

Hey Mandy - We were just talking over lunch saying that we missed you and wanted to have a check in call for no reason! Thank you so, so much for being awesome the whole way through, and especially being so willing to deal with our endless idiosyncrasies and requests for personalization. We had the best weekend and can’t say thank you enough for making it happen!
Obviously, feel free to send people our way who are looking for references. It makes me so happy that you and all our vendors had fun too. Thank you so much for the good wishes and for helping us have a wedding that was so much more fun and meaningful than we ever could have expected.

~ Amira and Karan Arakotaram

Dear Mandy,

I would like to thank you… for the amazing organization and execution of our Bat Mitzvah celebration. Abigail, and all of us, are forever grateful to you for your kind, loving and empathetic approach towards your clients! We all loved working with you and would love to see you in our home for a visit as our eternal friend:-) Lots of Love!!!!

~ Elana M, Mother of the Birthday Girl 

Dear Mandy, I know that you had lunch with the bride yesterday and that she was able to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful service you provided, both personally and professionally. Not only was everything organized and executed at a very high level, but you and your staff were so friendly, calm, and lovely. It made for an amazing day and a terrific experience.

~ Celine L, Mother of the Bride


Dear Mandy,

First of all, I think that I speak for both of us when I say that our wedding was everything we dreamed of way back in March of 2014 and then some. Thank you for everything. When we got engaged, I read all the advice out there about how you should hire people who you think you can get along with okay. When we met, I figured we would get along - but I never imagined how essential you'd be to every part of our wedding. In every way, you have been far more than a "wedding vendor." You have listened to our hopes and anxieties - you've talked us off of many a wedding-related ledge, and you have had an uncanny ability to predict what we are going to want and need. You are our wedding hero - and we can't thank you enough.

I'm tearing up as I write this. It was the most beautiful and amazing day of my life. Our families and our friends both expressed how beautiful and perfect everything was. We keep waiting to hear those stories about how something secretly went wrong - but it didn't! Thank you for everything, Mandy. I'll really miss meeting up with you every few weeks. If you could just come and coach us through all of our major life milestones from here on out, that'd be great ;)

-Anna and Stef Pinkert-Fisher


Thank you will never be enough for all that you have done to make our wedding something out of a dream.  You have been calm, trustworthy, caring, enthusiastic, and the list goes on.  You helped us build a vision and decide on what is really important to us and in the end we can't even believe how amazingly the whole night came together. We are obsessed with all of our vendors and are so appreciative that you set us up with them and made sure that they were top notch.  We are also so appreciative of you doing all the coordination with them because it was clear that everyone knew exactly what was expected of them!  We are going to work our way through reviews over the next few weeks because all of our vendors deserve our highest recommendation, especially you!!

~ Kelly Pultorak


Mandy, We would recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone going down the wedding road. I can't imagine doing it without you. All of us involved had so much stuff to do up front--large and small--but you always were overseeing the big picture, which was tremendously helpful. And on the day of--we were able to let everything go and just ENJOY it! You have nerves of steel to have chosen your profession!  And you do it so very well.

~Terry Hackford, Mother of the Bride


Dear Mandy,

The wedding and the day were absolutely perfect. We couldn’t ask for anything more. You made the whole experience amazing for us. I (we) can’t say enough about the beautiful church (shrine) and the Deacon and assistant. Beautiful, beautiful service. When we walked into the venue, the set-up and the view were absolutely beautiful. The food was delicious. We are still receiving compliments. Alyssa and I are very thankful to have had you to help plan and coordinate such a special day. Again, thank you.  

~ Tamara (Mom,) Dave & Alyssa


Mandy is BY FAR the best wedding planner I have ever worked with. She is kind, creative, organized and totally committed to providing an unforgettable experience for her couples. If you have a dream for your day, Mandy and her team are the people to bring it to life.

~ Amanda Brown, Wedding Celebrant


Thank you so much again for your expertise, guidance, listening, and counsel throughout all of this. You made it all so fun. The day really went off without a hitch and our friends and family kept noting how organized and smoothly everything flowed, which is all thanks to you! It was just a lovely day and weekend.

Laura and Dan Chavas


Mandy, Sunday was amazing and Matt and I cannot thank you enough! It has been a crazy year+ and you have been with us every step of the way. Matt and I both agree that working with you was one of the best decisions we made through this whole process and I don’t know what we would have done without you. Please use us as a reference for anything you might need for future clients. 

You made the planning process easy and stress-free and seriously worked your butt off making our wedding more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I love how our "rain plan" turned out and also think it was kinda better than plan A. Everyone has just been going on and on about how much fun it was and how great the food was (and I agree with them). Which is exactly what Matt and I wanted. Mission accomplished. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you again!!

~Emily and Matt Hofmann


We feel so lucky to have found our way to you and Hummingbird Bridal, Mandy. From our first meeting we knew we were in the best possible hands for this journey. We were never stressed, nervous or rushed. Your creativity, humor and confidence made this such an enjoyable experience and motivated us to remember what this whole process is really about. You are a strong force and I truly admire your skills. Your success is totally on the rise and, whatever you need, we are here for you and ready to sing your praises near and far. Please extend our gratitude to your fabulous crew too.

Anna Goldman and Bret Silverberg

Thank you so much Mandy!

We are still walking on a cloud after such a PERFECT wedding! Sometimes I can't even believe this is all real! Thank you a million times- things wouldn't have been the same without you. We all appreciate the work you did and all the amazing memories that were the result of your dedication to making our dreams come true! Please say thanks to your team, we are so grateful to them as well!

Emily Dilling and Clement Poulain


We honestly can't thank you enough for everything you did for us during the whole wedding process. We would have been legitimately lost without all your amazing help/ideas/contacts. Everyone we know has said that they had an amazing time and so did we!!

Brigid Ducey and David Beller


Dear Mandy,

Thanks you SO much!! The wedding was everything I imagined and more. I couldn't have done it without you. All the vendors were amazing and so was your team! Thank you to Mandy, Brian and the rest of the Hummingbird team for making help our dream wedding a reality! Couldn't have done without you! Thank you and love you guys!

~ Jessica Berube and AJ Vacanti



Thank you so much for such an amazing job and an amazing process this entire way! Jason and I really had the time of our lives and there is no way that could have happened without you and your team. Everything came out EXACTLY how I had imagined it, and it was just so nice to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the wedding. You've been so much fun to work with and we wish you and Hummingbird Bridal nothing but the best. It's funny, when Jason and I started figuring all of this out, I think we said the thing that was least important to us was the ceremony, and in the end, it was our favorite part of the whole night - everything was just so beautiful!

~Kristen Gorham and Jason Hsu


Dear Mandy,

Thank you for all of your help with the wedding. Peter and I couldn't have survived the day without you!

From the first meeting you immediately helped calm my nerves by reminding me that all brides get nervous. You helped me to organize my vendors and the questions I should be prepared to ask them.

Thinking back to our wedding day, I remember how I could relax and enjoy the day knowing that you would be there to take care of all the details. From the place cards to the guest gifts, the decorations on the fireplace mantel and organizing all the vendors you placed everything exactly as we had planned. My reception hall was absolutely beautiful and exactly how I has imagined. Much of our family and friends still compliment Peter and I about our wedding reception. I know you had much to do with that and all my vendors said how easy you were to work with and what a pleasure you were.

If you ever need any recommendations I would tell all of your perspective brides that you were exactly what I needed for my wedding. I'm happy to know that you are more than my wedding coordinator, you are our friend!!

Thank you again,

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Quinn


I can't thank you enough for all your help.  I had a great time at my wedding and I know lots of other people did too.  I couldn't have done it without you!

~ Jill Kaplan and Chris Lemin


Hi Mandy - (if you're short on time you can skip to the end)

Speaking again with you yesterday got me to thinking about the fine person behind the wonderful services that you provide. Somehow, theology and proficiency and infantry and Rotary and spirituality all found their way into the mix. So here goes:

*Theology* - Grace, whether as doctrine (which it is) or practice (never enough of it) is central to Christian theology. Grace is often described as being a gift (not earned, nor an entitlement) given freely by God to individuals, as affirmation of their worth and assurance that they are known and cared for and favored. I personally like the response given by a theologian (and friend) when asked about the Doctrine of Grace: "I think it has a lot to do with being gracious and graceful." I like it because it identifies grace as an activity which we all can practice as well as experience, to the benefit of others as well as ourselves. As you went about your wedding work on Sunday, you did so with an abundance of graciousness and gracefulness, and everyone felt themselves to be affirmed and cared for and assured that all would be well. You were a blessing to us, and we all felt blessed to have you with and for us.

*Proficiency* - You don't need anyone to tell you how good you are at what you do; you know that. You are pleased and proud of your work, but not with any sense of arrogance or superiority. Rather, because of your own centeredness and proficiency you enabled every person at the wedding, and all of us collectively, to do and be our very best in whatever role we had.

*Infantry* - (Yeah - where did *that* come from). Many decades ago, I received what I have always carried with me as one of the most meaningful compliments I have ever received (from one career army man to another): "Sergeant Chapman is the only man I have ever seen who could control an infantry platoon by being a nice guy." Having dealt with wedding parties for over forty years, I can testify that they are often a lot harder to control than a platoon of young soldiers. But you pulled it off - by being "a nice guy." Bravo!

*Rotary* - The motto of Rotary International (I"m a member of Brookline Rotary) is "Service above self." That could also serve as a motto for Mandy Connor. However central you were to the success of the event (key), no matter how well you understood what works best and what does not (when other people didn't), it was never about you. Your ministry (a synonym for service) was always directed toward others. And it came with a smile...

*Spirituality* - This is about that "little bit of edgy" at the nape of your neck. I know that "Anam Cara" is often translated or defined as "soul mate." But that doesn't really convey the depth of the term (could well be the name of an online dating site - oh wait, it already is). In Celtic spirituality, Anam Cara also conveys not only a sense of connectedness but also a relationship akin to mentoring (St. Brigid commented on the importance of having one). In medieval times, those who developed hospices for the dying (think Mother Teresa) were sometimes referred to as Anam Cara and as "spiritual midwives." In that deeper sense, you were Anam Cara to Stacey and George, mentoring them through the joyous confusion and chaos of the wedding, being midwife in a sense to their new life as a married couple.

All this long-windedness is by way of thanking you for everything that you did for us around George and Stacey's wedding, and for the way that you went about it. You made everything I needed to do as father and Father easier; you were a valued and appreciated colleague; you enhanced my joy.

This comes with my profound admiration and heartfelt gratitude

George Chapman


Mandy, Words can't express my gratitude for all you did during our wedding week! I did try to sum up our experience on the Yelp page, so at least there is some indication of how much you did for us! I know that there were particular challenges for this wedding -- our daughter and her friends are not very traditional, as you may have noted (-: You handled it all so well
and, as advertised, let me enjoy the wedding day.

Sandra Dilling, Mother of the Bride


Mandy, Thank you so much for bringing your clients to Seaport, working so diligently along side us and making their big day such a success! I was raving to my team about how great it was to work with you. I hope to have you back here soon. Please keep in touch! Anytime you are back in the Seaport area, let me know!

Thank you for the good luck!!

~ Christina Pedranti, Events Manager, The Seaport Hotel, Boston


We can't thank you enough for the amazing night you planned for us. The disco lounge was fabulous and the ceremony/dinner room was a dream! You are incredibly talented at what you do! We will refer people your way with confidence! Thank you so so  much for making our wedding day spectacular. You went above and beyond our expectations! Our friends and family gushed about the decor and organization of the whole event. Thank you - Thank you!!

Maria M and Jenny M.


Cheryl might want to reply on her own (I'm not sure) so I'll just speak for myself. I thought that everything went better than I had even imagined, and that was in large part because of your help. Besides making the day run perfectly. Thank you for helping us make a wedding exactly how we wanted. I heard lots of people say that it was a perfect reflection of who we were. A lesser wedding planner would have tried to force on us all sorts of garbage we didn't want. And all your suggestions for vendors were spot on.  - (From The Groom)

Matt and I are in complete agreement here. I'd just add that being apart from Matt for the whole planning process, and having job interviews right before the wedding would have probably broken me if not for your help. Our families were all very happy with how things turned out too. With everyone being from out of town, I couldn't have managed dealing with vendors and schedules on top of it. You were very professional dealing with the site coordinator, and your staff was excellent. I honestly didn't really notice them, but I am sure they are wonderful people.  - (From The Bride)

~ Matthew and Cheryl Schiffler

I cannot say enough about our experience working with you as well.  Your professionalism and communication is top notch and never once did I see you get rattled about any of our crazy situations.  You were ready to dig in and get it done with the best interest of [the wedding couple] in mind at all times.  You are a true professional and it would be our honor to have you back at the barn!

~ Heidi Curry, Owner, William Allen Farm